Working with Augmentas – what to expect

Working with Augmentas – what to expect

We’re passionate about excellent customer service. As experts in procurement and project management, we know how important it is to have seamless communication with the client. We understand how important it is to work courteously as part of a team and we recognise that even in stressful situations with deadlines looming, it’s even more important to say thanks and check on everyone’s wellbeing.

That’s why we have created our code of conduct so that everyone who works with Augmentas knows what to expect. Here are our key goals:

1. Right treatment: be transparent.
You can trust us to:
– Do what we say we will do.
– Communicate plainly, to the point with no jargon.
– Be helpful, polite, treat you fairly and with respect.

2. Getting it right:
We will:
– Understand you and your circumstances and offer solutions.
– Provide you with the most current information and correct advice.
– Provide you with support and foresight.
– Use your feedback to improve how we do things.

3. Keeping you informed:
We will:
– Keep you updated of progress, with daily, weekly or monthly reports – you choose.
– Tell you what will happen next, by when and what you will need to consider.
– Explain things clearly if the outcome is not what you’d hoped for.

4. Accessible:
We will:
– Make more of our knowledge available online, to use at a time that suits you.
– Publish our insights online and reference only the relevant noteworthy materials.
– Explain clearly the levels of service Augmentas offers and what a managed service is.
– Prioritise you and answer your phone calls, emails or texts within 12 hours (apart from weekends of course).

Collaboration is part of our DNA and so is listening. We’d love to hear from you about what you like about working with Augmentas – or if there are other things we can put in place to make your life easier.

Give us a call on +44 (0) 208 154 4057 or email