Working from Home – My 7 Step Guide

Do you work from Home? Are you able to self-motivate? If you’re feeling unsuccessful as a home worker, and need some help/ideas, try considering the following, they definitely help me!

  • Pretend I am going to the ‘Office”. When I get out of bed in the morning I always get dressed and have my usual two morning caffeine fixes before starting work. I found staying in my pyjamas all day, just does not get me geared up for a productive working day.
  • My ‘Office” setting. I have set the barrier for myself between home and work as I find sitting on the sofa can complicate the two. Have you got a study or a spare room you can use as your office? If so, try keep everything work related there. Ensure you have the correct temperature and light to work well. I always open the windows and let fresh air in throughout my working day.
  • Making Lists and more lists. I find it is easier to stay focussed if my day is planned, so I make lists and give myself deadlines. I make a list of specific tasks that need doing, and tick jobs off when I’ve completed them.
  • Manage and Divide projects. Large projects can be overwhelming, so I find it easier to tackle them in small, manageable chunks. It takes a bit of careful/extra planning but it avoids that ‘stuck’ feeling.
  • Check in with the “Boss” and other colleagues. Phoning my boss or colleagues for an update (or maybe just a chat) reminds me that I am at work, even though I am not at the office. It also makes me feel more connected with what’s going on in the business.
  • Have a Break. I make sure I have time for lunch. I attempt to try and stay away from my computer, go for a walk or run an errand. It is sometimes an effort, but it does make me feel refreshed when I return to my desk, and can only be good for me and my work.
  • Rewards. I am lucky enough to be motivated simply by knowing my Boss is expecting my work by a set deadline, but for those who don’t work under anyone, may you could invent ways of rewarding yourself at the end of each task or day.

Failure to self-motivate can lead to poor quality work, which in turn could put your job in jeopardy. If these suggestions don’t work for you, why not try taking your laptop to a Wi-Fi enabled cafe some mornings? Of course, working from home isn’t ideal for everyone, so if you are struggling, maybe you should consider whether going back to work in the office is the answer?