Augmentas Group Limited Launches New Partnership with Social Value Portal

The two are combining their expertise to add extra value for both the private & public sectors.

Social Value Portal are a leading provider of social value measurement and expertise, and Augmentas Group Limited are a successful business consultancy firm who provide procurement and contract management expertise to government and support private sector companies to win more business.  Through this partnership, we will bring our collective resources, expertise, and capabilities to promote the understanding and tracking of the social value, aligning private and public sector agendas. 

Why have we chosen to collaborate?

• We are both highly committed to supporting public and private sector organisations to share best practise in applying strategies, tools and techniques to deliver social value.

• We both want companies who are committed to the delivery of social value to win more work from the public sector.

• We have common customer segments, who are committed to the delivery of social value and wish to grow.

Andrew Lowe, Chief Revenue Officer at Social Value Portal said of the partnership, “We’re pleased to be working with an organisation like Augmentas who is firmly committed to supporting the social value movement. Social value is a key part of the procurement and contract management process, and together, we want to ensure we can support organisations to deliver the best value to their communities.

What will be the result of this partnership?

• We will help our clients to understand what they need to do   

 We will help our mutual clients to develop strategies and target operating models which integrate social value as a fundamental delivery objective.  

• We will enable them to measure and report on the social value they deliver  

• We will therefore enable them to respond to opportunities credibly and effectively for more business from the UK Government  

Mike Coveney, Director Business Development Transformation at Augmentas Group has said, “The social value agenda is relatively new for many, and I am excited to be able to offer highly credible strategic advice and measurement to our current and future clients.  We are very enthusiastic to promote this very important mission as it is essential for us all and our children.

About Social Value Portal

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Our mission is to engage, enable and empower people and organisations to work together in the pursuit of social, economic and environmental wellbeing. We ensure social value is embedded within your organisation, in a way that’s measurable, consistent, transparent, accurate and effective.  We have pledged to work with customers to deliver £100 billion of social value by 2025.

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About Augmentas Group

We are procurement and contract management professionals who help the government to buy what they need.  Consequently, we are also well-placed to help private companies to sell to the public sector and implement the services which have been specified. We are experts in the field, are members of the Association of Proposal Management Professionals and can help you increase your win rate. We are keen to make sure that social value is delivered, not just promised in nicely written documents.

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