Social Value
Social Value
Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Social Value Statement

We are passionate about supporting the social value agenda and work hard to embed its principles into everything we do, whether promoting the development of sustainable business models or encouraging thoughtful ways of working and living. We don’t just pay it lip service, it’s part of our DNA.

We are a volunteer member of the National Social Value Taskforce (NSVTF), a Local Government Association (LGA) initiative with a mission to create healthy, thriving and resilient communities by embedding social value into all public sector activities. Our role is to help develop and promote the application of the National Social Value Measurement Framework (TOMs), setting aggressive targets for improvement.

As part of this, we measure and manage our own social value footprint, including developing strategies that have social value as part of their primary objectives. We also work with clients to do the same.

Our Clients

Our commitment to clients

As a professional services provider in the areas of procurement and contract management, we commit to:

Promote the understanding of the Social Value TOMs.

Advise and support on applying best practise in the assessment and measurement of social value.

• Ensure our associates are fully appraised of the latest thinking in this area.

As an expert in business development transformation, we commit to:

• Support our clients to design value propositions which have clear and measurable social value content.

• Support the development of sustainable business models.

• Support our clients to measure their delivery of social value.

• Help our clients to establish review processes as part of the management systems.

• Challenge our clients to overachieve in this area.

Augmentas Group Alumni

Our internal commitment

• Allow time in the working week for our team to volunteer in support of social enterprises.

• Budget to offset the carbon footprint of our core team – our target is to offset by 200%.

Work largely from home and constrain our team meetings to further reduce travel.

• Wherever possible, work remotely with our clients.

• Budget to offset the carbon impact of our consultants whenever they do travel to client sites.

Avoid the use of printed paper – our communications and documentation are now almost exclusively electronic.

Prevent the use of plastics for work and encourage employees to re-use wherever possible.

Build a body of knowledge in our technical library which supports our associates to understand and deliver social value principles and strategy.

Affiliations and Partnerships

Social Value Portal

We are a member of the National Social Value Task Force & collaborate with Social Value Portal

The mission of the National Social Value Taskforce (NSVTF) is to create healthy, thriving and resilient communities by embedding social value into all public sector activities. The NSVTF aims to do this through the services commissioned and procured, maximising supply chain engagement with communities by the delivery of these services.

Augmentas is especially committed to influencing the social value agenda so that it is both understandable and practical to apply both as buyers and suppliers. There is a danger that supply options may be reduced to those who can correctly interpret complex instructions, reducing competitiveness and ultimately increasing costs to the taxpayer.  

We are also keen to help our customers develop social value strategies which are appropriate, genuinely beneficial and which are more than just something necessary to win work or comply with legislation. We live and breathe the principles of the social value agenda throughout our organisation and have several internal commitments in place too. 

If you would like to understand more about social value, feel free to contact us.

Our Charity Of the Year

Macmillan Cancer Support

Each year we support a charity chosen by our Alumni and colleagues, and we are pleased to announce that this year we are supporting Macmillan Cancer Support.

Right now, one in four people living with cancer in the UK feel that they just ‘can’t afford life’. Make a donation today and whatever you give will go directly towards funding Macmillan Cancer Support.

Macmillan Cancer Support is one of the UK’s leading Cancer support charities, dedicated to causes, diagnosis, prevention, treatment and cure.

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