Designing, implementing, and following a comprehensive business performance strategy can help your organisation remain agile and responsive in a highly competitive environment.

Growing companies are both fun and stressful.  As workloads build, bottlenecks invariably occur around those whose knowledge and skills are hard to replicate. Invariably, these people aspire to lead the business, while new starters demand time to be trained and supervised, adding further pressure on those who know what they are doing.  Mistakes become more common and management teams can slip into spending most of their time lurching from one crisis to the next. Their challenge is to allocate enough time to deploy new methods to achieve a good level of efficiency while concurrently developing new strategies to compete.

Business performance for all

This is where we can help. Think of us as an interim capability which can be flexed to meet the specific needs of your business, adding additional firepower to overstretched management teams.  

Our performance management proposition is designed to both coach and support leadership teams to deliver sustainable growth. Our mission is to enable strategic business units to measure and drive improvement to the critical processes necessary to achieve their vision.

We provide additional capability to leaders who want to:

Understand, document, benchmark, improve and control processes.

Acquire systems or build on existing ones.​

Access and interpret data within systems, establishing a balanced scorecard and adding system components as necessary.​

Set up a programme office giving the visibility to see improvement projects in hand and support projects which are struggling.

Link risk and performance management methods and systems

Produce bespoke training material to help teams understand changes to the way they need to work, delivering training via online learning management systems

A business performance solution that works

Working with the Cranfield School of Management we have access to a proven body of knowledge from which we select tools and techniques which are relevant to you. We have partnerships with providers of Lean Six Sigma training, delivered both online and through more conventional means as required.  We then work with your teams to produce updated process documentation and training guides using the latest approaches in online and video-based learning.

Using an agile project methodology, we help you to develop regular releases to your business management system, adding value in focused sprints of 4-6 weeks. This way, the benefits of your efforts are quickly realised, and the risk of non-value process design work is minimized.