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Augmentas Group is an approved government supplier with a successful track record of offering all aspects of procurement, commercial and project management. We work with:

  • Junior Civil Servants
  • Senior Civil Servants
  • MPs
  • Ministers
  • Special Advisors
  • Wider policy units

How Augmentas Group can help

Whether it’s achieving economies of scale, reducing complexity within the supply chain, improving bottom line margins, or cutting waste, Augmentas Group has the knowledge and expertise required to deliver efficiencies across the organisation. Our agile way of working also means that while we may be delivering the skills your business needs, you retain control throughout.

We help our clients identify workflow issues or shortages in skills and resources, provide support and learning where required, augment and transfer skills where appropriate, to continue delivering value even after a project’s completion. Our services include: Tendering support, Procurement consultancy and Delivery support.

We help our customers in the public sector identify the primary cause of performance challenges and we provide solutions. Our expertise helps them work more effectively, enabling better management and measurement of contracts, with the end goal of providing better value for money to the taxpayer.

We have several Government procurement frameworks ready to roll, giving you easy access to our solutions and services via G-Cloud, DOS, Bloom, MCF2 and other frameworks through our partner Bramble Hub. We are increasingly building our participation across other Government frameworks too.

Public Sector Routes to Market

Delivering value to the Civil Service

We deliver value by helping our Government customers to direct their spending effectively and efficiently. 

Over the last five years, we have:

●  Negotiated savings of more than 50% for one central government organisation, helping to avoid £25million of unnecessary spend.

●  Halved the number of invoice disputes for another customer by trialling a new approach to supply chain management.

●  Reduced the volume of disputed invoices for a regional private sector health services provider working on behalf of the NHS.

Who we work with

Our Approach

We respect established processes, but we are not afraid to propose a parallel track if we can see that doing so would deliver a more effective result, better return on investment, or overall cost saving. We help teams to identify efficiencies – and exploit them.

We work as independent teams delivering specific projects supporting departmental policy and the in-house procurement function, or provide individual(s) to augment customer teams – whatever is needed. However, with all options, our service wrapper provides assurance in delivery and many value-add benefits at no extra cost.

Customer Needs

As we recover from COVID-19, evolve following the UK’s exit from the EU, all while coping global challenges such as climate change, it is critical that the public and private sectors work together for the common good. In support of the wider commercial success of UKplc, the Government Commercial Function (GCF) is building capability to manage contracts. However, it accepts that it is at the early stages of its journey, working to release budgets for recruitment campaigns and training programmes.

Augmentas is working alongside this initiative, providing Government departments with procurement and contract specialists with experience of both the private and public sector, to assist in the management of UK plc’s high spend programmes – often Tier 1 suppliers.

Our procurement specialists have an in-depth knowledge of public procurement directives and the many supporting publications meaning they can provide immediate support to overstretched procurement and commercial teams. 

In all cases we support the transfer of knowledge and add value by improving processes, streamlining working practices and improving management visibility. 


How Augmentas Can Help

Our customers include Transport for London, Office for National Statistics, the Foreign and Commonwealth Development Office, Ministry of Justice and the Houses of Parliament. We also provide services to departments outside of Whitehall such as Universities, transport authorities, and agencies within the health sector, all with diverse needs, procuring everything from copier paper to power stations.

With budgets several times greater than many commercial organisations, the imperative to deliver value for money and maximise return on investment is key.

We help those working in the public sector to achieve better value.

Our services include:

• Advisory services and executive support
• Compliant procurements
• Procurement process design
• Team development and training
• Project and Contract Management Support
• People Solutions



Billion pounds

procured billions of pounds on behalf of our clients


Million pounds

saved millions of pounds on behalf of our clients


We are delighted to have been shortlisted and finalists for the following awards:

Category: Team of the Year: Central Government/ Non Departmental Body

Category: Outstanding People Development Programme

Category: Procurement Consultancy Project of the Year

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