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Augmentas Group is different. We combine the best parts of a consultancy business and an agency, while adding a professional managed service wrapper to maximise your chances of success in every project or tender. Think of us as ‘built-in’ expertise for your existing teams, with specialists in procurement, contract and supply chain management, cost reduction, project, programme, and risk management.
Every penny your business spends – whether in the procurement process, getting the best deal, or in delivery, where contracts and suppliers need managing – has a significant business impact. Augmentas Group rationalises ongoing spend while changing how you work, reducing risk and protecting your bottom line, while increasing delivery confidence.

Who we work with

Our versatile, adaptable approach has enabled us to work with a wide variety of businesses both small and large, across a broad range of industries. We measure our success against that of our customers, to win work, save money or reduce risk. Almost nine in ten of the organisations that partner with Augmentas Group win work on the back of their tender support.

Our perception of customer needs

Our customers come to us to win strategically significant bids, address risk in their contracts, provide support to deliver, and improve the competitiveness of their supply chain. Our assignments all have a clear business case, to increase revenue, reduce risk, reduce costs and improve business sustainability.

We like to work with likeminded customers, committed to improvement in all things ‘sustainability’. Whether this is financial sustainability, process, systems, people or environment. Customers like these enjoy our open and direct approach trusting that we fully believe that our success is only born out of theirs. And if they are not ready to drive sustainability, we are here to help them be ready.

How Augmentas Group can help

Whether it’s achieving economies of scale, reducing complexity within the supply chain, improving bottom line margins, or cutting waste, Augmentas Group has the knowledge and expertise required to deliver efficiencies across the organisation. Our agile way of working also means that while we may be delivering the skills your business needs, you retain control throughout.

We help our clients identify workflow issues or shortages in skills and resources, provide support and learning where required, augment and transfer skills where appropriate, to continue delivering value even after a project’s completion. Our services include: Tendering support, Procurement consultancy and Delivery support.

Tools that can help you today

We have developed a number of tools that will help you gauge the likelihood of success of your tender or procurement process. When bidding, the prospects of your tender being successful is dependent on two factors more than any others: the value of your proposition and the quality of your bidding. Our Bid Submission Tool is an effective starting point for assessing the relative maturity of these aspects.

Procurement fulfils an important strategic function in any organisation. Often, its effectiveness will be determined by the maturity of the processes in place to manage its various stages. That’s why we developed our Procurement Maturity Model, to help clients and potential clients understand the maturity of their procurement function – and its implications.

Tendering support

Winning Government contracts and those from Tier 1 professional buyers is an increasingly challenging endeavour. There are no prizes for coming second so anything less than the absolute best is simply not good enough. To be the best, you require:
• An ability to read and understand all the documents provided.
• Experience to understand the buyer’s intent.
• The ability to work together as a team to develop a compliant and compelling solution.
• Absolute clarity as to why the buyer should chose you.
• The ability to communicate clearly in writing and explain your solution in a way that is easy to understand.
• Compliance with the instructions to submit your response, as required and within the required time.

The capabilities required of expert bid teams include stakeholder management, project management, concept design, process engineering, procurement knowledge, bid writing, graphics design, and commercial modelling. When you also add in the skills required to engage with buyers BEFORE they have published a bid, to challenge and guide buyers to develop their Invitation to Tender (ITT), you have competency needs that even the largest companies can struggle to fulfil.

This is where we can help, by supporting your existing bid team with whatever they need. One size does not fit all, so we offer a complete range of service from providing guidance to improve a completed response, to restructuring your processes and procedures.

Augmentas' Guide to Tendering

Augmentas has produced a new guide to help you get prepared to approach tenders and their submission.

Augmentas' Bidder's Guide - Answering Social Value Questions

The Augmentas Bidder's Guide provides essential guidance to buyers and bidders in the assessment of the social value component of government contracts.

Procurement Consultancy

In all cases we provide the right person for the job who has experience in the industry and buying categories to be managed. They are not there to learn on the job. 

• Spend analysis, strategic sourcing appraisal
• Category specification and management
• Requirements capture and market engagement
• Tender development and bid scoring
• Contract development

• Negotiation
• Contract mobilisation
• Contract management through delivery
• Contract and service exit management

Delivery support

Organisations do not often grow in a steady and predictable manner. The challenge with growth is that it is always accompanied by management stress to cope with sudden steps in delivery needs. Triggers for this include winning large, transformational contracts, mergers and acquisitions and diversification into new markets.

This is where we can help, by supporting your existing management team with whatever they need. We have provided specialists in many areas including business planning; financial planning; procurement; commercial modelling; portfolio, project and programme management; change management; human resource management; learning and development and operational re-design.

Our policy is to provide the right people for any duration, able to flex up or down to meet the demands of our customer business. We do not insist on extensive contract durations and can provide services as flexible as paying by the hour, depending on the type of assignment.

Our approach to oversight is also flexible. Where required, we provide complete hands-on project oversight and take ownership of project completion, with payment terms subject to successful service delivery assessed against defined measures. In other cases, where our customer requires additional firepower, rather than leadership, we provide capable resource, typically charged by the day for fixed term or rolling contracts, all available at short notice.

We have an excellent track record of response and have mobilised teams at in <48 hours including over weekends. In all cases the feedback from our customers has been excellent and regardless of the type of service required. Customer satisfaction is very important to us, so we engage you in that journey too.

Our experience

Formally established in 2016, we are a young organisation based on enormous experience. These two things allow us to be unconstrained by any expectation to work a certain way because ‘it’s always been done like that’, we bring a fresh perspective to all customer challenges. The members of our team are leaders in their fields, and have decades of practice in winning tenders for private sector organisations in Britain and beyond – and delivering projects on time and to budget.
Our unique approach has an enviable rate of success, securing nearly 9 out of 10 tenders submitted for our customers.
Whether tendering support, procurement advice or project management you can trust us to bring expertise, integrity and honesty across all delivery.

Our approach

Our managed service model is tailored for the new era, so you can get more value from contracts in a rapidly changing marketplace. We are public sector procurement professionals – not merely bid writers – who understand the process from the buyer’s point of view.
We know that the one-size-fits-all approach will never deliver the best results. That’s why we deliver a tailored, personal service for every customer and maintain professional oversight for the duration of any project to ensure a successful conclusion.

We can hit the ground running with a team of any size and skillset, driving delivery as quickly as the customer needs, small or large – tenders often have aggressive deadlines.

However, we understand that customer like to build trust before committing more heavily. In these instances, we are more than comfortable starting small, typically by reviewing our customers previous bids, analyse customer spend data or conducting a procurement diagnostic. We see this work as part of our sales process, to get to know our potential customers and understand where we can add the most value.

This supports our approach to building trust and ensuring that we have a deep understanding before we commit further.
We generally work with relatively few key customers at a time, and we therefore seek long-standing relationships where we are seen as trusted partners.

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