Unlocking Opportunities for Procurement Professionals: Being an Associate

Unlocking Opportunities for Procurement Professionals: Being an Associate

Augmentas alumni are procurement professionals - a supergroup of talented individuals, united by a common goal. As an invitation-only group, our members are top-tier procurement experts, spanning a wide range of interests and backgrounds. By joining our ranks, they've become part of a network that's renowned for its credibility and expertise.

Joining our alumni offers a range of benefits for procurement professionals, including access to rewards in various forms.

Augmentas promotes the sharing of key values and regularly hosts free networking events at prestigious venues like the Houses of Parliament and HMS Belfast. These events are a valuable opportunity for our associates / procurement professionals to build relationships, share expertise, and spark conversations about current procurement topics and similar areas. They also offer a chance to challenge new ideas, create solutions, and drive improvements in the commercial space for betterment of outcomes for taxpayers.  

At Augmentas, we pride ourselves on our customer focus. We’re passionate about delivering the best possible outcomes for our clients (not only to the civil service but to taxpayers). Our journey started with a realisation that the procurement process in the public sector wasn’t as efficient as it could be, which meant that the taxpayers weren’t getting the best deal. Augmentas set out to change this. It’s this passion that’s reflected in our associates / procurement professionals too, who share our values, and it’s a critical reason why we continue to gain work. Our alumni strive to make a difference and be part of something more.

Our group of alumni / procurement professionals is ever-growing, leading to a broad network of like-minded individuals with access to numerous opportunities based on competencies and intent. We provide a framework for growth through strong lines of communication which has been accredited for by current alumni. Consistent communication with our associates / procurement professionals is vital to ensure their needs are met to best produce work in the public sector and to be able to collaboratively strive towards desired results. Forward planning is frequently a point of discussion in order to optimise our associates abilities and what they want to achieve with us. In many cases, we have been able to introduce and support promotions into more senior roles to match our associates drive for growth. As an organisation, relationships with our alumni is kept strong so that one-off projects can be followed by a string of projects that best fit each individual.   

Our current alumni list has been built primarily through word of mouth and shared experiences with our staff and associates. Our onboarding process has been described as swift and slick and those that have joined have expressed admiration for the high quality of our interims. We are a consultancy group that is dedicated to quality which can be supported through decades of commercial experience across a multitude of fields. Augmentas holds our associates / procurement professionals in a position of high-value and this is transparent to prospect and current customers who love working with us.

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Augmentas Group Alumni Benefits include:

If you would like more information on our alumni, contact us on +44 (0)207 088 8028 or email info@augmentasgroup.com.

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We are specialists with a vast network in procurement, project management, interim recruitment & tendering. 

Augmentas Group Limited (Augmentas) provides support to the public sector to deliver cutting edge programmes and to private sector companies seeking to expand and grow their business with professional buyers in both the public and private sectors.

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We help our customers to develop their sales and marketing capability, win new business, negotiate and implement business critical contracts and mitigate contractual risk. We have a team of seasoned professionals able to quickly add value through the application of structured methods coupled with many years of relevant experience. 

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