Government Framework MCF 3 (RM6187) - what’s it all about?

What is MCF3?

Management Consultancy Framework 3 is the third iteration of a heavily used UKGov framework to access specialist service providers and consultancies. 

What are Frameworks? To anyone not familiar with UKGov terminology, they are effectively Preferred Supplier Lists (PSLs). 

What’s the point? The Public Contracts Regulations (PCR) – and other legislation – governs the open, fair, and transparent process by which public spending bodies must procure products and services. While efforts have been made, and continue to be made, to make these easier, more accessible, and quicker to use, frameworks were established to allow mini competitions (aka further competitions) to acquire products and services in much shorter time, including direct award.

Are there many? There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of UKGov frameworks across government departments, 106 run solely by Crown Commercial Services (CCS), the central government procurement function. Every public spending body usually has their own, specific to their needs, or leverage those of larger departments/ministries, or CCS.

What’s the big deal? Frameworks can account for many billions of pounds of procured services over years, with no limitations in individual or aggregate contracts being let through them. Between G-CloudDOS and MCF2, it is estimated that some £15BN has been spent. The largest contract exceeding £50M. So, there is a lot of pie to be shared….

So what? MCF3 is split into 9-Lots (specialist sub categories) each with between 35 and 80 suppliers per lot. One of those Lots, Lot 6, is solely focused on Procurement and Supply Chain. And in our first time of trying (as we were too young and small last time), Augmentas Group Limited is now one of these 35 suppliers, having demonstrated that we are truly proven and trusted specialists in this field, and strong supporters of the Public Sector. 

What makes Augmentas different? We are not the normal consultancy. We: 

  • comprise specialists that span public and private sectors 
  • are available on demand, even by the hour 
  • are key members of the National Social Value Task Force and Social Value Portal
  • help private sector and SMEs understand the public sector, helping them bid, so we understand both sides of the market: buyer and seller

Therefore, we help them communicate better, procure better, deliver better, while firmly focused on true social value.

Want to find out more about how we work? 

Email or or call 0208 154 4057.