Flex Appeal

I recently attended a networking lunch during which the topic of our so-called ‘gig economy’ came up. I must confess to a bias on this subject, Augmentas Group thrives because of interim managers and the flexibility they want and offer us.

I was certain that this style of ‘freelance’ work was on the rise and would ultimately become the future of UK employment. However, when raised during the busy networking lunch the issue produced the same consistent response from many in the room. Full-time employment status is what everyone wants and the world of employment through one’s own limited company is a scary place.

Perhaps the interim model of working is more prolific in some professions than others? Without a doubt, the answer is yes. In attendance at the lunch, and generally opposed to our burgeoning gig economy, were mostly lawyers and accountants (probably a joke in there somewhere!) the vast majority of whom are still employed, either in private practice or in-house. The concept of a freelance lawyer is still in its infancy, and I should know, I’ve looked for them often enough!  

According to recent figures, contractor-based workers make up 15% of the UK’s total workforce, that’s an estimated 1.1m people. Add to that the fact that nearly half (41%) of workers in Great Britain would consider freelance work in the future, and it is clearly not a model to be dismissed so easily.

Across a broad spectrum of commercial disciplines such as procurement, supply chain, change, project and programme management there is often a predilection for interims, especially during times of change and transformation. These are skill sets that may not be required by a business or organisation 100% of the time and as such the ability to offer flexible solutions is crucial. Most organisations do not need a full-time team of change managers, that is assuming they aim to be in a steady state at some point!

This demand appears to be industry-wide. It exists from defence to retail, from professional services to consumer goods and across the entire public sector. Indeed, we know this first hand because our client base is so varied in terms of industry and yet the same requirements and the same pain points crop up time and again.

So, what are the advantages of interim work?

  • Flexibility
  • Agile on and offboarding
  • Project focused
  • Work to deadlines
  • Not a PAYE hire
  • A cadre of talent not available in the permanent hire world
  • Reduced risk
  • Variety
  • Independence

Augmentas Group is a commercial consultancy with a premium interim management service. We have a small permanent headcount and a large associate base meaning we can flex on demand and respond in the most agile way possible to clients’ requirements.

Perhaps next time you have a headcount requirement, it could be worth considering whether it is truly a full-time employee you need or an interim manager.

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Zoë Wilson – Head of People Solutions