A Life on Our Planet

A Life on Our Planet 

I have just listened to David Attenborough’s latest essay about “Life on our Planet” and immediately felt the need to write something down. This masterpiece of superbly researched and compelling scientific fact gave me no doubt that we, humankind, are on a course towards self-destruction.    

I don’t consider myself to be much of a softy, but I have to admit that I was moved to tears. The fact is that my own son will inherit a world far inferior and more hazardous to that which I have enjoyed. Most concerning is that we are sleepwalking towards several tipping points, beyond which we cannot return.  These relate to self reinforcing negative systems and include the destruction of the Amazon Rainforest, eliminating the lungs of our plant and the unfreezing of the permafrost, releasing methane into the atmosphere equivalent to over four time the carbon we have released in the last 200 years.   

I have always believed that climate change is real and that we need to make some changes to the way we live. However, up to now, I have continued to live in much the same way as everybody else. I have continued to eat beef, buy things that I only use a few times, turn the heating up when I get cold, drive my diesel car to work and to the supermarket and not spend enough time on work which will help us live sustainably.  This essay, however, brings together the facts in such a way as to make me realise that I need to do something and the very first thing is to start making some personal change. 

The essay is not terribly long, and you could probably read it in about 3 hours. Listening to it was a rather profound experience for me, as there is something special about David Attenborough’s sheer depth of experience and commitment to the cause; this takes about 6 hours. All I ask is that you find a way to download it and listen to it NOW.

I have written about winning and delivering contracts for public sector work and some of you might be thinking that this is a radical change in direction. However, your ability to deliver sustainably while adding social value will become mainstream assessments for government procurement functions going forward and that is a very good thing. If you need inspiration as to what you need to do at a business level, start by listening to this essay. 

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