Think about how frequently you are asked to give money to charity whether sponsorship, monthly donation or some kind of auction.


Do you ever find out where that money goes and more importantly what it does?

We asked a number of friends and colleagues this very question and the answer was consistent – almost never. 


At Augmentas Group we spent the last 12 months raising a considerable amount for Cancer Research and announced the total of £10,000 on 4th February 2020 – World Cancer Day. We decided to find out what this money means in reality. The list below explains what this pays for:


Nurses’ Helpline£10,000 funds a team of 10 cancer nurses for one week.
Research£10,000 funds one research assistant for four months. 
Radiotherapy£10,000 funds key research – into reducing the side effects of radiotherapy – for one week.  £10,000 funds a trial of an improved radiotherapy technique for prostate cancer for one month.
iKnife£9,000 funds a trial of the iKnife – a new surgical tool that can detect tumour or healthy tissue in real-time as it cuts – for three months.
Incubator£8,000 buys an incubator to keep cell samples warm, to study how they would behave in the body.
Spectrophotometer£8,000 buys a spectrophotometer – a machine used to measure the growth and activity of cells, so scientists can understand what fuels cancer.
PCR Machine£8,000 buys a PCR machine, which works like a molecular photocopier, making 80,000 copies of DNA in just one second.
Autoclave£10,000 buys an autoclave – a machine that sterilises lab equipment at extremely high temperatures and pressures, to make sure our scientists get accurate results.

As you can see, the answer is actually rather overwhelming and demonstrates how expensive this critical research and technology is, and how much more ongoing support CRUK needs. 

As before we would like to thank everyone who contributed to the total amount raised, a real achievement for which we are rightly proud. We now need to choose our 2020 charity and will soon be producing a survey so that supporters of Augmentas can be a part of this…