Augmentas is a member of the National Social Value Task Force

The mission of the National Social Value Taskforce (NSVTF) is to create healthy, thriving and resilient communities by embedding social value into all public sector activities. The NSVTF aims to do this through the services commissioned and procured, maximising supply chain engagement with communities by the delivery of these services.

Founded in 2016, NSVTF is a subgroup of the LGA’s National Advisory Group for procurement. It is not a legal entity in itself; it is an LGA initiative and a coalition of the willing – open and inclusive of anyone who supports the mission.

The NSVTF seeks to create a healthy eco-system of tools, initiatives and approaches to brokering social value highlighting what works well and what doesn’t as we collaborate to establish best practice for managing social value.

It creates a work plan collaboratively and tasks are delivered by members of the taskforce in an open and transparent way. Outputs from each task/workstream will be made freely available under  Creative Commons’ attribution non-commercial license, which lets others remix, adapt, and build upon the work non-commercially

All NSVTF members when delivering taskforce workstreams (outputs) make commitments to be open about any conflicts of interest, transparent about the funding of the activities and any commercial gain, and not use any personal data collected for uses other than the work set by the Task Force.

Augmentas is especially committed to influencing the social value agenda so that it is both understandable and practical to apply both as buyers and suppliers. There is a danger that supply options may be reduced to those who can correctly interpret complex instructions, reducing competitiveness and ultimately increasing costs to the taxpayer.  

We are also keen to help our customers develop social value strategies which are appropriate, genuinely beneficial and which are more than just something necessary to win work or comply with legislation.

We live and breathe the principles of the social value agenda throughout our organisation and have several internal commitments in place too. These include budgeting to offset the carbon footprint of our core team as well as allowing time in the working week for our staff to volunteer. If our employees have a particular passion that lies outside the business, we look for ways to support them with that – whether it’s volunteering as a non-exec director of a social enterprise or giving time each week to a children’s charity.

If you would like to understand more about social value, contact Augmentas on +44 (0) 208 154 4057 or email