A Management Consultancy … but not as you know it

Have you ever struggled to find the right management consultancy to partner with?

If you have, you are not alone, and with the Government and Public Sector accounting for 25% of all bought consultancy in 2017, a modest growth on the previous year’s figure, there is no doubt that ours is an industry on the rise.

At Augmentas Group we are transforming the delivery of public sector procurement and commercial guidance, through consulting excellence. Our unique model, coupled with a healthy dose of innovative disruption, employs high levels of flexibility, agility, knowledge and expertise – crucially we are small enough to move quickly and effectively, whilst also having the resources to deliver with impact.

Recent client feedback suggests the following to be some of the current key challenges faced within public sector procurement:

  • Access to the best commercial interim resources;
  • The need for agile and flexible support;
  • The ability to deliver proven compliant procurement, most importantly without challenge; and,
  • The knowledge and expertise to undertake particularly unusual & bespoke projects.

Clients’ needs are more complex and multi-dimensional than ever, and consulting adapts well in such circumstances. Our commercial model must be agile enough to evolve as required, so we remain at the forefront of change.

In 2016, the UK consulting sector grew by 5% (reaching an estimated total value of £9bn) and whilst the big 4 continue to dominate, it is the niche SME consultancies that have seen the fastest growth of 20%. Good news for companies like us then, and we know this is driven by a genuine demand for the kind of tailored service that only a specialist consultancy can provide. A recent study showed that these consultancies put more strategic thought into their marketing and demonstrating their message to prospective clients, whereas larger firms relied too heavily on reputation alone to generate new business.

The explosion of digital consulting, which now enjoys a 28% share of the total market by service area, makes it by far the largest service segment in the industry. Where consultancies were once expected to suffer at the hands of this major digital disruption, they have actually benefitted, by placing themselves at the centre of the digital value chain. The G-Cloud framework contributes in no small part to this, and is an excellent facilitator, allowing more SMEs to partner with the public sector.

As a result, we are extremely proud to be a named supplier on G-Cloud 10 and look forward to future successful partnerships. We are a specialist organisation of talented individuals, exceptional in the entire business landscape. We are constantly evolving whilst remaining customer-focused at all times and demonstrate several important differentiators that set us apart from the competition:

  • Our niche is to provide commercial expertise in public sector procurement, contract and vendor management, projects, programmes & PMO delivery.
  • We are experts in change and transformation environments – flexible agile and adaptable.
  • We pride ourselves on being disruptive innovators – we don’t merely meet our clients’ current needs, we anticipate their future, and often unstated pain points and requirements.
  • We offer cloud contract management, renegotiation, service improvement and transition.
  • We offer innovative, dynamic, straightforward and efficient solutions to your capability or capacity issues.
  • We only work with the very best associates in the UK to ensure our consistently high standards are maintained.
  • We take the time to understand the attitudes, skills, behaviours, and competencies necessary to deliver, tailored specifically to the projects that you need to execute.
  • We nurture, develop and support our network of proven associates who have the necessary vetting and security clearances, are fully insured, assured and available at short notice.
  • Our associate support continues for the lifetime of the assignment. We deliver measurable results and provide ongoing support in the form of knowledge transfer, coaching and mentoring to support everyone in ensuring and obtaining client goals.
  • We have a unique discount over time model, which offers built in cost reduction at the point of extension beyond the initial term.
  • We are a discrete, impactful and responsive extension of your current team.

Our Services:

  • Compliant Public Procurement
  • Specialist People Solutions
  • Programme, Project & PMO Delivery
  • Flexible Cloud Support Service
  • Change & Transformation experts
  • Vendor Management
  • Contract Management, Negotiation & Exit
  • Full commercial life-cycle

The Benefits:

  • Procurement best-practice, cost reduction & delivery assurance
  • Expert and discrete Capability & Capacity at all levels
  • Augmentas Alumni provides peer support and knowledge
  • Augmentas Library provides access to proven templates
  • Flexible short-term solutions balanced against needs
  • Discount over time model
  • Zero risk & no commitment
  • Measurable performance improvement

If you have capability or capacity gaps in your team speak to us today.